The Sword

About the Sword in General

The Sword is one of the four major weapons in Chinese Kung Fu. It belongs to the group of the short weapons. It is also called the “Emperor” of all weapons. It was derived from ancient knives.

Different styles of swords are the double-handed sword (it has a long hilt and a long blade), the tasseled sword (has a long tassel), the double swords (two swords).


The sword consists of the following parts: The body, the hilt, the tassel, the scabbard.

The body consists of the tip, the blade, the ridge and the side.

The hilt consists of the finger guard, the bolster and the pommel.


The most common techniques are 劈pi-chop, 撩 liao- swing, 刺ci-stab, 挂gua-grazing-block,  点dian-point,  崩beng- bursting-block, 截jie – stopping-block , 绞 jiao- twirling, etc.

About the Sword Finger

The index and middle finger are extended while the other fingers and the thumb are bent. The thumb presses on the ring finger.

The sword finger moves in harmony with the sword techniques. The sword finger’s movement is designed to add power to the technique, balance the body’s movement and confuse the opponent. Close to the opponents body the extended fingers can be used to push pressure points on the opponent’s body and stab the eyes or the throat of the opponent.

The Tassel

When we execute certain techniques like 刺 ci-stab, 劈pi-chop, 撩 liao- swing, 挂gua – grazing-block, the tassel moves accordingly by 带-dai – following, shuai 摔-swinging downwards, 摆-bai swinging upwards, 打-da –thrusting, the tassel is used to attack and confuse the opponent.