The Spear

About the Spear in General

The spear is one of the four major weapons in Chinese Kung Fu. It was derived from the ancient spear. It is also called the “General” of all weapons. There are different kinds of spears, for example: standard spear (flower spear), the big spear (staff length: 3.56 m, head length: 0.39 m), the double spear, the two-headed spear, the short spear, etc.


The spear consists of the following parts: the spearhead, the spear tassel and the shaft.


Basic techniques include 拦 lan-block, 拿 na-hold (down), , 扎 zha-stab, 劈 pi-chop, 崩 beng-bursting-block, 挑 tiao-hit (upwards), , 缠chan-circle, 拨 bo-grazing-block, 抛pao-throw, 劈把 pi ba-back-end-thrust, 舞花 wu hua-twirl, etc.