The Five Principles

Base for the Taiji Meihua Tanglang fighting system are the five principles that should be kept in mind while training and executing techniques:

“suo” – to shrink, to duck, to pull together 

Applied to your body position, it means to give your opponent a target that is as small as possible.

“xiao” – small 

Short small movements that allow you to return quickly into a defense position, where you cannot be easily attacked.

“ruan” – soft 

You redirect the energy of your opponent’s attacks therefore not absorbing it by hard blocking.

“mian” – continuously 

To execute a chain of attacks and to use the resulting weak points and reactions of your opponent for your advantage and following attacks.   

“qiao” – tricky, clever, skillful 

Use your head! Spot the weak points of your opponent in his attacks and take advantage of them.

Tim Otte”s and Yu Bin”s “Si kao tang lang” was source to the translation of the five principles. – translation by Felix