The Characteristics of Taiji Meihua Tanglang Quan

Taiji Meihua Tanglang Quan is a fighting system that mainly consists of short distance hand-to-hand combat. The techniques require a high skill and are extremely applicable. It is still taught to the Chinese military and police forces today. The hand techniques were created from research on wild mantises and the footwork originated from studies on wild gibbons. It is said that therefore it is a martial art with a natural flow and great flexibility, which also counts for the Hao Family of Taiji Meihua Tanglang. Furthermore elements of Taiji Quan were added to the system. Taiji Quan is based on the principle of redirecting the power of your opponent’s attack in order to use it against him. This special use of the knowledge of an attack’s power vectors and the philosophy of ”ying and yang” (”the soft winning over the hard”) make Taiji Meihua Tanglang with its variety incomparable to anything else. After intensive training the techniques become very applicable for Sanda (Chinese Kickboxing) and self defense.