(青岛; 青島; QīngDǎo; TsingTao) is a picturesque coastal city that lies on the southern tip of China”s Shandong Peninsula, located in JiaoZhou Bay facing the Yellow Sea. Qingdao, with an annual average temperature of 12.2°C, is also a well-known holiday resort in China. 

The city has seven urban districts and five county level cities under its jurisdiction with an area of 10,645 square kilometers and a population of more than 8.1 million.  Before troops were garrisoned here by the imperial court of Qing in 1891, Qingdao had been a small fishing village.  It became a German concession in 1897 and was occupied by invading Japanese soldiers when the First World War broke out in 1914. The famous May 4th Movement was launched in 1919 and protestors, against the then Chinese government yielding to Japanese pressure, demanded the recommencement of sovereignty over Qingdao.  The city reverted to Chinese rule in 1922, but was occupied by Japan again during the Second World War.  After World War II Qingdao served as the headquarters of the Western Pacific Fleet of the US Navy. On June 2nd, 1949, the CCP”s Red Army entered Qingdao City; Shandong and Qingdao”s municipalities have been under PRC control since that time.  As one of China”s most important independent coastal cities with state planning and budgeting powers including provincial power in economic management, the city has recently experienced rapid growth. 

Major industries include trade, light industry, tourism and oceanography research.  Qingdao is well known for its european architecture and attractive coastal landscape. With its abundance of natural beauty and growing human resources, the year-round schedule of tourist attractions and events, coupled with numerous tourist facilities as well as an extensive public transportation network, make Qingdao an ideal tourist destination both at home and abroad.  In 2008, Qingdao hosted the Sailing Regattas of the 29th Olympic Games as well as the 13th Paralympic Games and in 2009 will welcome sailors from the Volvo Ocean Race (VOR 2008-2009).