More Schools for Hao TaiJi MeiHua TangLang and our Friends...

Wan Fu Kung Fu in Hamburg, Germany

Shifu Tim Otte

Tanglang in Cologne, Germany

Shifu Arne Grandt

Wu Sheng

Ayten Gülec

Hong Wu

Jochen Mittelberger

German Nam Wah Pai Kung Fu Association

in Bruckdorf, Germany

Shifu Andy Joobst

Chung Hsing Mei Hua Tanglang Association Germany

in Lüdinghausen, Germany

Shifu Gerhard Milbrat

Traditional Kung Fu Association Germany

in Gevelsberg, Germany

The German Wanfu schools are members in the Kung Fu, Dragon and Lion Dance Association Germany e.V.

China Traditionen in Mühlhöfle, Germany

This is a Germany web site about Chinese traditons

with many links to organizations in Germany